Foundation for Community Development Association (FCDA) is a non-profit organization based in Cameroon, Africa. Our mission is to support agri-entrepreneurs to generate seed capital for investments in agri-businesses across Africa. Institutions such as the World Bank and African Development Bank have established reports that showcases the need for sustainable food production in Africa. With a young population and over 60% of the world’s most arable land in the continent, our goal it to train and generate capital for entrepreneurs in the agriculture industry. Our services include business development training, new venture financial management, self Help groups , Seed and Organic Fertilizer acquisitions, digital financial inclusion, adult literacy, health, micro enterprising, capacity building, ICT programs, After school programs for kids, market research, project management through digital learning platforms and advanced technology with free access to thousands of Videos, audios, E-books, publications and real time information of market prices to farmers. FCDA seeks to improve the yield of farmers by half each year, urging households to save money, increase productivity, alleviation of poverty, creation of job opportunities and initiating development of startups.


Etienne Ayuk Ayuk Ndip



    To be the leading Community Foundation in Cameroon by 2025 delivering innovative, creative, explorative and interconnectivity services ( real time market prices, digital learning, digital financing and inclusion, micro enterprising and micro financing, Health, project development and market research to the underprivileged especially farmers (women, girls and men) in the rural areas with the aim of poverty alleviation, job creation and wealth creation. A unique world of data access for sustainable development across the country.


    1. Professionalism
    2. Transparency, integrity and Honesty
    3. Community and Sustainable development
    4. Team work and unity
    5. Equality/Equity
    6. Commitment, engagement and collaboration
    7. Customer care and support
    8. Innovate, Create, Explore and interconnect
    9. Standard, compliance and trust
    10. Leadership


    1. To educate individual farmers and Self Help Groups (SHG) and provide them with the most accurate data on crop prices, market demands and supplies across the globe through mobile services and at her micro data centers, thus improving wealth creation and employment.

    2. Bringing out the potentials and skills from individuals and groups for equality and sustainable development through training, mentoring, and provision of seed capitals to farmers through linking them to financial institutions.

    3. Creation of a network of partners amongst startups, farmers, donors, angel investors and Diaspora through 24hr online services platforms available for communication.


At FCDA we work in accordance with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals…