Financial Inclusion

Finance Inclusion 

FCDA takes into consideration the excluded people from the Formal Banking products and services notably; buyam-sellams, Kioskers, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), hawkers, drop outs, vocational trainees and those willing to engage into petty trading but lacked the necessary finance and business acumen.

Mini Loan packages and Business Development Skills: We allocate to the tune of between 25,000frs to 100,000frs.  The duration for this loan is 3 months. We envisage to reach out to at least 50 individuals and 10 Self Help Groups (SHGs) every year. These are collateral free loans but the individuals need to have atleast 2 suretees to enable him secure the loan.  We shall charge 10,000frs for every 100,000frs principal loan amount per period received by the client.

Other prerequisites entail undergoing a business management training for a month.

We seek to improve the financial independence, develop digital financial literacy and improve livelihoods across this niche.