FCDA Cameroon

  • Mobile telephone with possibility of installment payments
  • Free access to the digital library center and free internet services 2days per week.
  • Free consultations twice per year at hospitals, clinics in which FCDA has partnership
  • Handsome Wages and commission to value added productivity
  • 24h/24h technical assistance and financial assistance through seed funds on projects
  • Reduction by 5% on all commodities in the market
  • Children will have free access to library, participate in after school programs 1 day per week
  • Assistance in setting up your dream business
  • Seed funds for projects and for development of their own farms and projects
  • Ready market for supplies of products and services
  • One FCDA T-shirt
  • Real time information on trending market prices, seeds, fertilizers, buyers, sellers and locations
  • Volunteering opportunities.
  • Signed subscription form/ Badge/ Note book
  • Job Placement
  • Participate in awards and prize giving ceremonies
  • Participation in sports programs


FCDA Cameroon

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