Country Onion (Rondelles)


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Pucks are also known as Olum, Bobimbi, Country-Onions. These hazelnuts have an oval shape, hence the name “rondelle”, from a tropical forest plant, they are dried after harvesting, and its envelope and removed before use, in Cameroon they are used as a condiment and in traditional medicine. Its aroma is powerful and pleasant slightly similar to that of garlic, hence its name garlic tree. From its scientific name Afrostyrax lepidophyllus, the fruit of the garlic tree is a plant species of the Huaceae family. It is found in Cameroon, Gabon and Ghana. According to some studies, the bark extract of Afrostyrax lepidophyllus has shown pesticidal activity.

Also called “country onion”, this plant is mainly found in the rainforests of Cameroon, Gabon, and Ghana. In Cameroon its fruits or slices, as well as its bark or Olum, are used in cooking in the preparation of dishes such as “Yellow sauce”, “Mbongo”, “Nkui”, yellow sauce, nkwem without salt, pepper soup…

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