Information Technology

Information Technology 

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are a potentially revolutionary means of empowering the poor. Realizing this potential will require investments that increase access to ICTs in remote low productivity areas and the development of innovative applications that cater to the needs of the poor and small firms. This is needed most urgently precisely in developing country contexts where public institutions are often ineffective, corrupt and unaccountable. The challenge takes added significance in Cameroon, a third world country in Africa with a GDP of 39.01 billion USD (2019), Per capita income of 1400 USD (2020) and more than 30% of the total population being local farmers.

At FCDA, we help improve the Information Technology Sector by providing the following services

  • Introduction to ICT

    During our visits to communities, we ensure to provide members of the community with basic knowledge on ICT

  • After School Programs for kids

    FCDA provides members the possibility for their children to be exposed to digital learning applications, work on projects with peers after traditional school hours. Programs include Entrepreneurship, project management, ICT, Mathematics, languages, agriculture and physical education. Prizes shall be awarded each quarter for All Round Best Kids. They shall undertake their programs with the use of electronic gadgets. As a result, crime wave shall be reduced, kids will be prepared for the job market, youths shall also initiate their dream businesses as well as improved working hours for parents while kids stay safe. We have dedicated staff, educators, mentors and coaches to assist in undertaking this program. Kids shall also access the micro library for Videos, audios and books.

  • Introduction Microsoft Office

    We teach basics of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) during our visits to rural communities

  • Introduction Web Development

    We teach basics of web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP) During our visit to rural areas

  • Video Gaming

    FCDA Organizes video game competitions where the winner leave with a prize

  • Media Editing

    During our visits, we also introduce community members to media editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop (Photo), Premier Pro (Videos) and Illustrator (Vectors)

  • Introduction to G SUITE